Sunday, May 19, 2019


I very seldom drink nowadays. Just a few occasional beers.

So why the title of this post, Jon?

Because it sounded good. A cheap ploy to grab your attention. 
Long ago I used to drink profusely. 
Because life looks a helluva lot better through an 86-proof filter.

Anyway, I'm sober...... and hot.

Two nights ago it was chilly enough to put extra blankets on the bed. Today it's in the 80's (that's Fahrenheit, for those of you in Singapore). By Memorial Day (next weekend) it's predicted to be in the 90's. Welcome, summer. 

So what has the past week been like?

Rain. Sinus headaches. Rain. Mold and mildew. Rain. Rampant bees and wasps. Rain. Weeds reaching a height of six feet. Rain. Toothaches. Rain. Animals nesting in my roof. Thunder storms. Mud. Did I mention rain?

So, Jon, why did you remove your previous post entitled "Fifteen Questions"?

I didn't want my readers (all three of them) to get too much of a good thing. 

I (very reluctantly) had to discontinue allowing anonymous comments on my blog. It attracts far too many ....slightly unhinged....people. 

Last week I met the guy who used to live on this property. He came here to pick up some mail (of his) that was delivered to this address.

He didn't own this place. His father did. In fact, his father owned several properties around here.

Rumor hazzit (from reliable sources) that he (the son) was involved in some illegal activities that eventually caused his parents to go bankrupt. That's why they sold everything.

the guy seems to have gotten his life back on track. I was unnerved to discover, however, that he really likes this place and offered to buy it back from me. 

I told him I'm not planning to sell, but would let him know if I ever did.

I've already moved far too many times in my life. I truly think (no exaggeration) that another move would kill me. 

I consulted with my cats...
and they don't want to move. 

this morning

 Bosco and Scratch (Kitzee)
on the back porch this morning.
Not planning to go anywhere....


  1. Oh wow. THAT came out of no-where, didn't it? I wonder just how badly the son wants his old homestead. Suppose there's buried treasure out there? Your weather pattern sounds just like ours. Day before yesterday the mercury hit 91-degrees … meanwhile, my friend Phoenix is bragging about their lower-than-normal temps. Go figure. That 86 proof filter is sounding pretty good right about now.

    1. I've often wondered (half in jest) if there's anything of value buried on this property - - or perhaps a body. It's rather disconcerting to know that the son would like to buy it back. Makes me kinda feel guilty for living here....I'd rather not be "involved" with previous owners.

  2. Dear Jon, beautiful photos --looks like Bosco and I shared the same opinion of reality this morning. Sounds like you and I have achieved comparable temperance: I'm down to a "few occasional" drinks, but start over every couple hours. Agree also with your reservations on home-selling --moving is among the most stressful thing one can do, even though some do it as a sort of recreational exercise. House-flipping, I think they call it. As for disabling anon. comments, I've done the same --unless notified by email penpals who want to comment but then re-disable it afterwards.

    1. Perhaps it's best that they don't sell wine and "hard" liquor here. I drink beer but never particularly liked it.
      My previous move from Texas to TN was EXTREMELY stressful, especially since it took over four years to sell my TX house. Physically and mentally I'm just not up to it again. And I've lost all faith in realtors and movers.
      I hope you're hanging in there and finding precious moments of peace within the chaos....

  3. Yes, that face does say SAY WHAT! If you moved again I say pick a cultural center. Your far to interesting to be in the middle of nowhere.

    1. You've boosted my waning ego by reminding me that I'm still interesting. I really do miss being in a cultural center - but at least I've discovered some inner peace here in the boonies.

  4. Don't even think about moving. Ever! I mean, how would I find you if you did?
    I've never been one to move around. I guess there's truth in the old saying 'home is where he heart is'.

    1. Valerie, one of the biggest regrets of my entire life is having moved so many times. My parents did it when I was a child and I did it as an adult.
      I'm not planning to move again any time soon.

  5. The most surprising thing to me is that you don't appear to be considering his offer. Seriously--it sounded like the proverbial opportunity-door opening. Most of the time you say you hate it there. If it is just the moving part...maybe he'd help you move your stuff if he wants the place that badly--LOL! You could make that part of the deal. ;)

    If you really want to stay, I'd start saving up for a wood stove. But I agree that I can see you closer to a city with some culture. What if your car dies?

    1. There are admittedly MANY inconveniences here in the wilderness and I'm guilty of complaining a lot (heck, what else do I have to write about?), but - at this point in my life - I'd never consider returning to "civilization".

      I've lived in big cities and crowded neighborhoods my entire life. When I was young, I loved city life....but I'd never do it again. When I came to Tennessee I vowed that I NEVER wanted to see another neighbor again.
      I'm (for the moment) blissfully content.

      Until my car breaks down.....
      or Bigfoot finds me.... (*smile*)

  6. I've never been much of a drinker... unless you count tea and water... but I'd think the agony of drinking (i.e. hangovers) would be a lot worse than the agony of NOT drinking.

    Yipes. Sorry you've had so much rain. We just returned from a sun-drenched little piece of heaven... not a single drop of rain. Looks like we're heading for the nineties here, too. I reckon spring must be officially over...

    I was thinking along the same lines as Rita. As horrifying as the thought of moving again may be, it might be a good choice for you to be a little less isolated... and in a place that doesn't try to freeze you to death every winter.

    1. For some strange reason I never had a problem with hangovers. I don't know whether I was immuned to them...or was so drunk that I didn't notice them.

      This winter, I plan to sleep in the small interior bedroom, instead of the large ICY one that I usually sleep in. Also, a wood stove wouldn't be a bad idea...
      ...or I could move to Bermuda.

  7. I hope I’m included in one of your “3” blog readers?! I watch for your posts and look forward to every one of them! I usually just don’t comment- mostly because my comments are so silly sometimes I think.
    Moving... I hate moving!
    I hope you have means to stay cool- it’s so humid here in the south it gets hard to breathe... well you already know that!!
    Hope you have a restful night- your Tennessee “neighbor” Louise!

    1. Hey, Louise, it's good yo hear from you. Now I have four readers (*smile*).
      Don't ever worry that your comments might be silly. Heck, most of my blog posts are silly (to say the least).
      The hot weather has arrived - and it's supposed to last for another week.

    2. I meant to say "to", not "yo"

  8. For the record, you can say you have five readers. (haha) I always enjoy reading your work although I rarely comment on anything... at least not for a long while. I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to move. Having said that, it's interesting the guy wants the place back, huh? Sounds like there's a good story there. Hope you dry out soon. We're looking to hit 100 this weekend. Summer has arrived. Take care!

    1. Well, Angela - now that I know I have five readers, I'm going to get conceited. You've made my day!
      Despite all of inconveniences of rural life, I really do love the privacy and peace. I'm content.

  9. #6 reader here ;-) We are waiting for warm weather to get here too. Ugh. We had some snow again on Sunday. It's really interesting that the son of the old owner is interested in buying the place back. I'm in agreement with you on not moving. I know eventually I will move out of my country home and into town to an apartment I suppose, but I sure don't look forward to all the hubbub of it. Wendy

    1. Wow, Wendy! My readers are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. It's nice to know that you are here.
      Snow? In May?? I like snow, but would prefer to see it around Christmas.
      I was really surprised when the previous owner (or son of owner) wanted to buy this place back. I certainly have no intention of moving.

  10. I find if someone really wants what I have got, I get to like it better too. Strange, that!!!!

    1. I feel the same way, Jenny, but - for some strange reason - he made me feel kinda guilty for buying this place!


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