Friday, June 14, 2019


Sailing off into the sunset, far away from blogland, where I can breathe freely without restraint.

I've been loathing my own blog posts lately - feeling they sorely miss their mark and have diminished in potency, if not quality.

My hiatus will be very brief.
After all, 
sunset is only hours until dawn.


  1. Missing you already. Please hurry back!

  2. You should go away on a trip to a location of choice. It does the soul a world of good. You should consider it. Do you ever travel? Where would you pick if you could go one place?

  3. Dear Jon, I have noticed a decline in comments at my own posts lately and have considered taking an hiatus as well. But it's such a habit now, without which I might not recognize myself. However I understand the need to withdraw from bloggeration --and hope and trust it will be temporary. I look forward to the pleasure of you renewed online company. All best wishes.

  4. Come back, Jon, you are sorely missed.

  5. Missing you- I enjoy all your posts, hope you are well.


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