Wednesday, March 3, 2021



Two (or was it three?) weeks ago the temperature dropped to seven degrees (Fahrenheit) at night, there was a Big Power Outage (capitalized for emphasis), and I honestly thought I was going to freeze to death.

Last weekend the temperature soared to nearly 70 degrees, there was a strong dry wind, and it almost felt like I was back in Texas.

By Monday, March 1st, the daytime temp plummeted to 38 degrees and I had to put the extra blankets back on my bed. The drastic changes in temperature always affect my delicate constitution and I get vicious migraines.

You thought I was tough and durable, didn't you?
In reality I'm a curious cross between Marcel Proust and Blanche DuBois. 

I haven't been blogging much lately. All the things I really want to say are controversial - and I know that scares the living doo-doo out of most of you.

My personal life is inundated with problems and unimaginable misery - which, of course, you don't want to hear.

So, what's left?

Last month some of my mail was stolen (or mysteriously vanished) from my mailbox - which included an EXTREMELY important letter that had details about a scheduled appointment. Fortunately I got things straightened out and re-scheduled for mid-March.

Next, I received a rain-soaked letter which stated that I owe several thousand dollars in back payments.
Fortunately, before I dropped dead from shock, I saw that the letter was for the guy who used to live here.
I'm still getting a LOT of mail for him, despite the fact that I informed the post office to stop sending it here.

I lived in this place for over six years, and it was supposedly empty for three years before I bought it. SO, the previous resident hasn't lived here in nearly ten years.
I smell a rat.
In fact I smell a Big Rat.

I feel sorry for anybody who owes money, but I sure as hell don't want to be a part of it.

After six years in this small place I still haven't figured out where to put everything. I bought extra shelves and other storage paraphernalia (try spelling that when you're drunk) but it hasn't helped much.
My garage is filled to the ceiling with things I have no room for. If the Board of Health ever saw it, I would be condemned. Or banished. Or executed.

I recently bought a small writing desk for my bedroom and a much-needed bookcase.
When I moved from Texas I left a lot of furniture for the people who bought my house - including two desks and a huge bookcase.

This post is starting to bore me - - so I can only imagine what it's doing to you.

March is here! Which means St. Paddy's Day , the beginning of spring, and soon Easter.
We can all eagerly wave bye-bye to wicked winter.



  1. Agree as far as winter going bye-bye is concerned - GOOD RIDDENS!! Yeah, can't say much good about the Post Office service anymore - ours sucks, too.

    Do you have a St. Paddy's libation? If so, any favorite? I always loved the mint flavored Tippy Cow -YUMMY!!!! :-)

    1. I never heard of Tippy Cow, but if it has mint I know I'd love it.
      In the past, I always drank Mickey's Malt Liquor on St. Paddy's Day. I'm intrigued by the green bottle.

  2. Thus post didn’t bore me, Jon, because I am sharing your sentiments about winter ready to be gone. As much as I do enjoy snow, now that recent rains and some warmer temps have washed most of it away, I too am ready for spring. It’s because being outdoors means freedom from mask wearing and social distancing which are required everywhere that has walls. A year of this has been exhausting to say the least.

    We have lived here 6 years and still get junk mail for the former tenant even though I call the catalog companies and advise them she’s moved. It does work, after time.

    1. I generally like winter and the snow is beautiful - but I always feel physically horrible in cold weather. I'm eagerly awaiting spring, although I hate the swarms of insects that come with it,

  3. I figure there will probably be a snowstorm or two before full on Spring is here. I have found that snowstorms always happen on days when I have an appointment that I really needed to go to. Since I have a mobility problem , especially in one knee, I don't go out in snow unless there is an emergency.

    Mail is going to be slow until they get the machines back into the postal facilities and get them working. They are the only realistic way to handle the heavy loads of mail that move through our country. My husband worked for the US Postal Service for about 40 years. He was never a carrier, but he worked in all kinds of other jobs there. He sorted mail using one of those sorting machines. He did packages. Did you know the Post Office transports baby chicks and also crickets? I visited the main Post Office in St Louis with him one time. It was huge. The noise level was very loud. There was so much mail, so many machines and people, giant bags of mail, and all around the top of the work floor at ceiling level, there was a metal catwalk that was covered over with canvas with holes at intervals in it. That is where the Postal Inspectors walk and spy out over the work floor and keep an eye on the employees and actually occasionally catch and arrest bad employees who try stealing pieces of mail.

    Lady Caer got me thinking about St. Paddy's libations. I love Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur, my son likes Guinness Stout (especially when he drinks it in an Irish pub). My son was born in Korea. He came home to my husband and I when he was 3 months old. Our last name is a very well known Irish name. When our son was in the pub drinking Guinness with his friends, one of the Irishman in the pub had heard my son say his last name during an introduction. He asked my son, as he looked at his Korean features, "Well, how do you spell *******?" My son laughed and spelled it for the Irishman. The Irishman laughed and bought my son a Guinness. Our last name is actually the name of the pub they were in, except the pub had an O' in front of our name. I've only had a sip of Guinness once. It is not for me. It tasted to me like they must have thrown a rusty nail and a bit of the old sod into the barrel. My son liked it a lot.
    The Tippy Cow that Lady Caer mentioned sounds delicious.

    1. This has been an unusually cold and nasty winter, but I seriously doubt that there will be any more snow here in TN.
      I don't recall ever having had Guiness, but the story of your son in the pub is funny.

      I had no idea the post office transports chicks and crickets. Here in rural Tennessee there aren't any regular mail carriers (for some strange reason). The mail is delivered by "regular" local citizens, and they use their own vehicles instead of mail trucks.

  4. None of your posts bother me or bore me. Write what you want on your own blog. And I'll be some of us, who actually care for you, would like to know about your health problems (unless it would be TMI for our virgin ears). I understand why you'd be depressed, because I've gone through some terrible depression this winter. It's because of the craziness in the world right now.

    1. Donna, I appreciate your vote of confidence. Lately I've been more depressed than ever before. It's due to a combination of health problems, an INCREDIBLE amount of problems living here in the wilderness, and the cold winter weather. I can't tolerate the cold, physically or mentally.

  5. I think whatever mood-altering drugs Mother Nature's taking, we're experiencing much of her same after-effects. There's little I can do about the warmer weather, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Where did you find your writing desk? I'm looking for something to replace this no-drawers eyesore, but can't find anything without spending a fortune. (THAT's not going to happen.) Good for you, treating yourself!

    PS - Love the Irish postcard!

    1. I hate hot weather, but the winter cold really zaps me the wrong way. I feel rotten mentally and physically - especially in this damp, frigid house.

      I doubt if you'd like the desk I bought. It's just a small, cheap "Mainstay" desk that I got at Walmart. I have to assemble it myself. Someday I hope to get a bigger/better one.

  6. Agree, Not much to blog about for me either. I feel bad missing a day of blogging. Like I have a fan base of readers who hang on my every word ( no! and...No!) I doubt many people read my post. And I rarely comment on other people's posts either. Does that make me a bad blog follower? At least your "infrequent" blog postings allow me to comment now and then without pretending to care about the flower pictures from your front yard. ( I DO care... I just don't want to leave a comment every time those people post stuff... which is usually every day!) The previous comments made me thirsty for beer. I have some Irish in me.. On my Mom's Grandmother's side. But I still will not drink green beer. Does that make me a bad Irishman?

    1. I often read blogs but don't leave comments. There are times when I have nothing to say (believe it or not) - and commenting constantly takes up a lot of time.
      I never drank green beer and never plan least not while I'm sober.

  7. When I moved to Delaware in 2006 I inherited a phone number that was obviously previously owned by a deadbeat. For years and I mean YEARS, i received at least two calls a week from bill collectors. After a while I was convinced he was (I found out who owned the phone number before me) continuing to give out his old phone number for the bills he was running up About five years ago I got rid of that land line (didn't need it, saved $60 a month) but I still give out that phone number when it is required on forms and warranty I fill out but I know they don't need my phone number. My revenge.

    1. That's such an annoying ordeal to go through, Ron, but I'm glad that you finally got rid of the landline phone and the problem.

      The guy who used to live here was previously in prison for some unknown reason (his father used to own this property) - which is rather unnerving. I get an unusually large amount of mail for him, which is odd since he hasn't lived at this address in nearly ten years.

  8. i know what you mean about blogging. my heart isn't in it either. like you my health is limiting and therefore i have nothing interesting to say. i will look forward to your assembly of parts, finishing the desk and bookcase. always an exciting adventure tackling that. in the 60's here all week. where has winter gone. not that i'm complaining. take care.


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