Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 This might be my final blog post. I no longer care about blogging - recently it means absolutely nothing to me.

I'm presently completely immersed in my own private nightmares, which I'm not in the mood to divulge publicly.
Last night - long after an agonizing midnight - I almost called 911. After a semi-conscious deliberation, I decided that it's best to die in my own bed. No doctors, no hospitals, no endless red tape and unnecessary prolonged torture.

Life itself is a prolonged torture. I can attest that from bitter experience........

I'm delighted that Memorial Day is finally over. There are far too many holidays to contend with. What's the next one - - Father's Day? Independence Day?

Father's Day should be passe. Men are finally (regrettably) on the very bottom of the totem pole.
Independence Day is a golden thing of the long-gone past. Our independence has been rudely and irreversibly eroded. 
Fools will disagree with me.

So, how was my Memorial Day weekend?

Cold as a penguin's kiss. On Sunday the temperature dropped to 51 degrees (Fahrenheit). I closed the windows, grabbed an extra blanket, and shivered my tootsies off.

When I awoke on Monday Bosco (my feline) was sleeping under the covers - - and there was a dead mouse on the bed! A Memorial Day gift from Bosco.....

Since there is presently no joy in my torturous existence, I decided to prepare a meal. Eating is about the only positive event left for me.

So I spent an hour preparing a non-fancy but appealing meal -
Bratwurst, red potatoes, mixed vegetables, corn on the cob, and Kaiser rolls.

I was in the process of carrying my plate to the kitchen table - - when I rudely tripped, fell on my face. The plate hit the ground and smashed into pieces. All my food was on the dirty floor.

Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

If I survived May, there's a remote possibility that I might tackle June.
Who knows?

Who the hell cares?

                                   Jon, disgruntled

Dreary, hideous front "yard"

Part of my Memorial Day meal, in the frying pan - before hitting the floor

At least I had cheesecake and strawberries.....


  1. I listened to your rendition of the Civil War song, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, and wanted to leave a comment of how much I enjoyed it, but no such luck Your meal looks delicious despite it's demise, but I bet that cheesecake and strawberries was out of this world. Hang in there Jon, June is the fairest month !

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my music, Jo. I thought that blog post was brief and insignificant, so I (foolishly?) disabled comments.
      I'm glad that I at least had the cheesecake. It was really good!

  2. Hope you find a way out of this Jon. I think 'going on' is a reasonable alternative to not going on... how else will you know what tomorrow brings? Not that I mean to go all 'Annie' on you, but I hope you find ways to continue.

    1. I'll try to plod on, Mike. It would be cowardly to completely give up......

  3. Cowardly indeed, Jon, but then you do cry "wolf" more than most folks. Of course, we who continue to return and read your posts, do hope it is just your way of venting and rightfully so. I would have been more than heartbroken as well over the fall-on-the-floor dinner, but then cheesecake would console me very well.

    I liked your description of Memorial Day being "cold as a penguin's kiss" but then never having kissed one, only Grenville, the frog, I'll take your word on that.

    It may be cliche to add, hang in there, but speaking for myself, I hope you do.

    1. My "wolf" cries are numerous - and often bogus - mainly because blogging is my only outlet for copious frustrations. A lone cry in the wilderness.......
      Cheese cake is indeed solace....

  4. Well, that sucks! Now I'm wondering, a) if any of your dinner was washable/edible and b) what caused your fall. Praying you didn't become light-headed and pass out!


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