Monday, July 6, 2020


I lived in West Texas for many more years than I care to remember. I went there solely to be near my retired parents.

I always emphasize West Texas, because it's a world apart from other areas of the vast state. And it's a severe culture shock for someone who was raised in Southern California like myself:
it's a raw, rowdy, crude, rough, unforgiving, sometimes lawless place.

I lived in three TX towns - San Angelo, Odessa, and a minuscule cow town on the high plains about 50 miles from Lubbock (which shall remain nameless).

Both of my parents died in Texas. After my father died in 2005, I took care of my Mom until she passed away in 2009.

My intense disdain for Texas came from the fact that I had some incredible bad luck there and wound up losing an enormous (and I mean enormous) amount of money. Which explains why I'm presently living in poverty in Tennessee.
Texas provided me with a myriad of bad memories.

Despite all the negatives, there are things that I miss about Texas:
the sprawling endlessness of the land, the vast skies and incredible sunsets, the ravaging surrealistic dust storms, the ubiquitous Mexican culture. And the food.

Texas is where I bought my infamous El Cheapo digital camera, which quickly became my inspiration for taking a vast amount of photos.

My most recent video, Memories of West Texas, contains a small collection of photos from my massive Texas files. It was very difficult to choose favorites.

The accompanying music that I picked is the haunting Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Terrega (1852 - 1909) - - one of my all-time favorite Spanish compositions.

Video (as always) best viewed in full-screen mode.