Thursday, December 25, 2014


Random pine trees in my back yard
on Christmas morning. Some of them are nearly
100 feet tall. 

I'm not exactly sure if it is Christmas. It's too quiet, too isolated, too removed from the frenzy of society. And it's too mild. Where's the snow? Where's the ice? There are pine trees and deer in my back yard. Yet, the weather is so agreeable that tiny birds are fluttering gracefully through the foliage as if they've escaped from a scene in an old Disney animated movie.

I love being in this newly-found wilderness. I'm enthralled with my mountaintop environment - - but I was expecting snow on Christmas. Am I asking for too much?

You're talking too much, Jon, as usual. But we're used to it.

My cat Scruffy at the window
wondering where Santa Claus is.
Yesterday morning (Christmas Eve) the temp was in the 50's and I was in my shirt sleeves (with pants on, of course). I got an emergency call from the moving company and was compelled to go to the bank (I'll spare you the details). The bank closed at noon and I left the house at 11:20. I drove at breakneck speed through dangerous mountain roads and made it to town just in time.

After the bank ordeal, I went grocery shopping (another ordeal). Then I stopped to see my cousin Nancy. A pleasant visit. We had coffee and talked about old times. All the wild adventures we used to have.

By the time I left for home, the temperature dropped and freezing rain began to fall. The narrow mountain road was slick and more harrowing than usual. Why the hell did I sell my pickup truck in Texas? Actually, I need a couple of pack mules and an Indian guide.

And if anyone tells me that it's now properly called a "Native American Guide" I'm gonna bitch-slap you with my muddy boots.

The woods in my back yard.
Frosty and misty on Christmas Eve.
So, how was my Christmas Eve?
I'm living in an empty house with three cats and a creepy recliner chair left by the previous owners. It's not exactly Rodeo Drive.

I bought a small TV table to house my laptop and I have one metal folding chair.....which hurts my ass so much that I had to put a pillow on it.

All in all it's not too bad. I'm a masochist. I'm used to roughing it. I stocked up on groceries. I don't plan to venture out to town again until next week.

One minor problem - - I bought a lot of canned goods. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I don't have a can opener. Last night I opened a can of evaporated milk with a screw driver.

Kitchen utensils? I have one small pan, two cups, one plate. My enormous stock of kitchen things are still in storage. Laughing at me.
Prelude to my Christmas dinner:
A plate, a tea mug, two candles
and a tiny Xmas tree. I have the tree on the
countertop so the cats don't devour it.
I admittedly miss my huge Texas kitchen - with thirty cabinets, two refrigerators, and a big pantry. My kitchen here is tiny - similar to one designed for a Barbie Dream House.
But I'll get used to it. I'm easily adaptable and extremely congenial. Just ask the boys in the band.

Jon, that was crass and completely uncalled for.

Yea, but, as we used to say in journalism - it makes good copy.

So how did I completely stray away from the subject of Christmas Day? My mind trends to wander and I have no control over it. Unless I get a leash.

Hope your Christmas Day was pleasant - - and if it wasn't, I hope you recover from it soon.


  1. Your tree makes the house festive. I hope you had a lovely dinner. A new beginning is just what you were looking for. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  2. PS) Scruffy is one cute kitty. Hope Santa came to visit.

  3. I can't tell you how much I admire your fortitude on this move, Jon. You've found a place of abundant promise under conditions that were often less than conducive to the whole process. I sure hope you're having a pleasant and relaxing evening --I'd be writing down the memorable particulars of this 1st Christmas on the mountain too if it was happening to me. These are good times and there is nothing faux about your strength and determination. Merry, merry Christmas.

  4. Just wait...the snow will come...!!
    Enjoy the mild winter while you can......Hope you had a peaceful Christmas Day...
    Hugs from your neighbor to the east-one-state-over..

  5. Jon,
    I'm loving that you're back! You are the best bloggers that I know. I don't remember how I found you but I am glad I did. I so appreciate you sharing your new adventures with us. This is great! This is fabulous! By the way, I know what it's like to live in those mountains. I visited my cousin in Avery Country (western North Carolina) about twenty years ago (where does the time go?) She and her husband lived way up in the mountains. Beautiful area but so far away from the grocery store. She said they took a "once a week run" to the store (Ingals, a grubby little supermarket at that) for their food. While I was talking to her I heard something like a woman screaming. She said "Oh, don't worry about that, that's just a cougar" and she wasn't talking about Demi Moore. That little experience helped me to come to the decision that perhaps the mountains isn't where I want to retire.
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Screw the so called reality shows on TV, your blog is the best reality ever. And you're writing is superb. Really, you should write a book Jon. You'll be rich!

    1. Flattery will get you everywhere, Ron. I truly appreciate your kind comment, and I definitely intend to put my adventures into a book.

    2. By the way, many thanks for ALL your comments.

  6. I enjoyed your entry as I always enjoy it. I hope you get some snow this winter but please keep it in TN.

  7. I want to live there... not with YOU, of course. You need to move out and let me live there. I'll miss my husband, but hey, nothing comes without a price.


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