Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The meadow adjacent to my property is only visible in the winter when the trees are bare. Today I was able to get a glimpse of it. The trees are shedding their leaves quickly. There's very little autumnal color this year. Leaves are simply dying and dropping, eager to let go. Strangely, I know the feeling.

It was windy today, which is a rarity here. A fresh, clean, intoxicating wind that rippled through the treetops and encouraged the moribund leaves to sing.

So different in contrast to the savage, dusty, eternal winds of West Texas. I loved the wild unpredictability of them, but hated the havoc that they wrought. 

Yesterday, October 12th, marked a year since I've been here. My first year in Tennessee. It doesn't seem that long. The time literally flew. It took me over three days to drive here from Texas (after I bragged that it would take only one day). I took my time. After all the hell I had been through in Texas I savored finally being alone and free on the open road with no ties and no worries.

Just me. And the three cats. Yes, I had my three cats - in two large cages. Scratch in one, Scruffy & Bosco in the other.

It was a perfect journey. Well, all except for that rainy night in Arkansas when I went over the cliff........If you don't remember that fiasco, you can read my blog post about it. Here's the link:
 Over the Edge in Arkansas

Speaking of rainy nights, there was one helluva storm here last night. Torrential rain, plenty of donner und blitzen. The lights kept blinking on and off and the power went out a few times.

Speaking of going out (don't you love how I manage to tie all of these things together?), I happened to open the back door and my cat Scratch ran out into the storm. She loves escaping from the house but didn't realize how hostile the weather was. 
As I finally dragged her back in, sopping wet, my other cat Scruffy ran out.

There are exasperating occasions when I'd like to let all three cats out and never invite them back in again......

Today was gorgeous. The warm, golden sunshine and sweet whispering wind resurrected a wealth of October memories.

 View from the back porch this afternoon

I was supposed to go into town today. I had numerous things to do - including an important visit to City Hall. 

Just before I was going to leave, I heard the local news. City Hall was closed because of a freak accident. The police were on a wild chase with a car. The driver of the car made a quick wrong turn and crashed into City Hall. Went straight through the front door! Damage wasn't extensive but it was bad enough to close the building.

Lots of excitement in a sleepy little hillbilly town.

 Back yard this afternoon



  1. Stunning photos, Jon. Stunning and calming at once, which is a rarity and you bought a grand view of it last year. My compliments on a prudent purchase --and congratulations upon mastering its curriculum. I have learned a lot about your state from your excellent posts. Thanks. As to the individual who tried to fight city hall with a car, maybe what's needed is a drive-thru bay for impatient litigants and petitioners --with french-fries maybe. CVS just put in a drive-thru pharmacy near here. Who knows what customers are ingesting on their way out? I avoid that route --but city hall, why not?

  2. Doesn't seem possible you've been there for a year already. The fall colors are pretty. Hope you get to tend to your business at city hall soon.

  3. A YEAR? doesn't seem possible. congrats!

  4. Welcome to cooler weather - let's hope they get city hall back together soon.

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    Small town living is the best...

  6. I feel like Little Sir Echo bringing up the rear .... but Happy Anniversary nevertheless! (Yes, I remember your Arkansas high dive and hillbilly rescue!)
    Your first picture is stunning.

  7. Congrats on the anniversary! And the pictures are beautiful. :)

  8. Jon,
    One year! That was fast. I love your property. Next month (November 7th) I will mark my 9th anniversary since we moved to Delaware. Nine years! By the way, why don't you let your cats outside? They'll come back. Oh, I just thought of why. You do have coyotes around don't you? Always love seeing photos of your estate.

  9. Nine years in Delaware already? Wow, time truly does fly.
    I have started letting my cats outside occasionally (Scratch & Scruffy demand it) - but I'm constantly worried about ticks & fleas and especially all the wild dogs and coyotes. Also, the angry 'possum that lives under my back porch. This wilderness is no place for house cats.

    Thanks MUCH for the correction on my previous post. I should have remembered that Harpo was never divorced

  10. Wow, that was a fast year, wasn't it? Evidently, time really does fly when you're having fun.

    That last picture of the trees is beautiful. As many times as we've been to Tennessee, we've never visited during the peak of autumn color. Not sure why. We just haven't.


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