Sunday, January 29, 2017


 We all get occasional critical comments on our blogs. It's an inevitable part of being a blogger. We endure the sting and move on.

It is spooky and disconcerting, however, when our antagonists refuse to leave or let go. They derive immense pleasure from absorbing our posts and loathing every word. They devour the comments we receive, eagerly hoping that someone else will hate us as much as they do.

Even when they remain blessedly silent, we know they are always there, thanks to live traffic feed.

Most unnerving of all is that they haunt other blogs that we follow - just to see the comments we leave.

Our existence provides them with some bizarre psychological nourishment.

How do we rid ourselves of these foul entities, short of performing a blog exorcism?

Ignore? Tolerate?

My toleration level is very low. Why should I have to continuously weigh my words, change my blog settings, repeatedly delete? These are all hazards of the game, but I'm weary of it.

For now, I will either disable or modify all comments. And take a break from blogging.

One thing I will never do is apologize for being myself. I'm too unique, talented, interesting, cute, and irresistible.

I just threw that in because I know it will really piss you off.