Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Did my Mother's Day post suddenly disappear?
When I first posted it I was very satisfied - and proud to pay tribute to the memory my extraordinary mother. Then I began having second thoughts and felt that I was revealing too much.

I didn't delete it. I merely reverted it to a draft (and kept your kind comments).

So, I'm posting some of my recent/boring photos.

That dandelion caught my eye yesterday afternoon - so I plucked it, held it to the sky, and photographed it. 

I was reminded of an incident that happened when I was 2 or 3 years old. I was given a dandelion by one of my elder cousins and told to blow!
Instead, I accidentally inhaled and somehow choked on the damn thing. All that fuzzy stuff got stuck in my throat.

I have viewed dandelions with extreme caution ever since.

How about some blossoming miracles?

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote a post about all those extremely annoying thorn bushes on my property?
Thorns and Haze  

The bushes have been multiplying for the past three years and they have NEVER yielded any type of flower whatsoever.

I initially thought they might be rose bushes - but they were simply thorn bushes.

Well, two days ago I went outside and - to my absolute astonishment - the thorns bushes were all blooming with white flowers!

It had to be a miracle!!
I immediately thought of the miracles at Lourdes, and I figured that an offspring of the long-ago occurrence in France had suddenly happened in rural Tennessee.

Taking immediate advantage of the improbable situation, I dropped to my knees and began praying for a full bank account and a cure for my bad back.

While praying in the weeds, my left knee went "out" and I got two tick bites. My back was so bad that I had extreme difficulty getting into an upright position again.

As I hobbled back to the house - deftly trying to avoid angry wasps and carpenter bees, my belief in miracles diminished considerably.

I now have an indestructible mass of annoying thorn bushes with allergy-inducing blossoms.

Miracle of the blossoms

 The backyard trees are now lush and green


  1. Well at least the bushes are pretty to look at but looks like they would be hard to get rid of. I'm looking for some Dandelion Tea. Its supposed to be good for a lot of things. I'll try anything once.

  2. after that experience i can understand your being wary of dandelions. perhaps your prayers will be answered in time. it did take a few years for the blossoms to appear.

  3. Wish it had been a more useful miracle, huh? But the bushes do look pretty.

  4. Miracle or mirage, your thorn blossoms are lovely! Perhaps you should've simply genuflected v. a full-blown kneel?
    When the student is ready .....

  5. Wow! It really does look lush and green now. The flowers do look so pretty. I guess thorns even have a saving grace. ;)

  6. I'm wondering if the bushes aren't some kind of berry. They may have been too immature to produce until this year. Time will tell.
    You have such beautiful property. Now if it would only stop trying to kill you...

  7. See ... you're not blossomless after all ;) Thorny bushes, but they look pretty nice in the pictures. Oh my, the trees look fantastic all lush and green. I'm starting to complain since it's been 86 to 90 degrees in May already. Too early for that type of heat. Take care and don't tumble into the thorns.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful! I'm going in for a throat operation day after tomorrow and these are the kind of pictures I like to visualize before they anesthetize me. I was once told by a Chinese herbalist that dandelion leaves are good for the digestive tract. He did not advise inhalation of their wind-dispersed seeds.

  9. Please forgive me. I laughed out loud at your plight. :) Well- told, cowboy.


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