Saturday, October 24, 2015


 My back yard yesterday afternoon

Most of the photos that I've taken here have been from the safety of my back porch - so the scenery always looks the same. Once in awhile I go to the nearby meadow where the cows reside.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I felt uncharacteristically adventurous. On a whim, I grabbed my El Cheapo camera and ventured out to the woods on my property. It was a wonderful walk and I felt rejuvenated being in touch with nature.

I got scratched with thorns, bitten by bugs, and - yes - I slipped on damp leaves and fell down a slope......... but when I landed on my ass I looked around and said "Damn, it's beautiful here!"

I'm on my ass, in a pile of autumn leaves, in the peaceful, wooded wilderness of Tennessee. What could be better?

I took at least 60 photos and it's nearly impossible to choose favorites. Here are a random few.

Pine cones near the house. Strangely enough, I hadn't noticed them until I was outside walking yesterday.

My cat Scratch, who has been housebound for ten years, suddenly loves being outside. She goes out every day- - but I keep a close eye on her (after the coyote incident the other night)
If you look closely at the photo on the right, you can see my house peeking through the trees.

After living on the barren plains of West Texas for so long, it's difficult to believe that these beautiful woods are on my property!


  1. nope, you're not in west TX (or KS either), dorothy...BUT the east coast where it's fall!

  2. Nice color, we had a frost here a week ago and the trees are starting to turn.

  3. With quite stunning views and colours like this it's no surprise that Scratch is equally entranced so that she's now making up for her missing alfresco delights all those years. A cat with extraordinary perception and appreciation. On the other hand perhaps it just might be a Garden of Eden for its instincts of curiosity, exploring and hunting.

  4. Stunning! If these images were captured with an "el cheapo" lens, I can't begin to imagine what it looks like in person.

  5. Jon,

    Kinda out in my world. I walk in the varied parks and woods in Northern Delaware every morning. Average 5 miles a day. It is ever changing.


  6. All I can say it is beautiful there.

  7. I'm envious! How fantastic to have all there wonderful trees. Looks as if it is the perfect time of year to show them in their finery.

  8. Jon, your yard is absolutely frantic with autumn, and beautiful. But you mustn't let it sweep you off your feet. Take it slow and carefully --its curriculum cannot be rushed. Take a walking stick with you. I do.

  9. I love your place. I could almost say I envy you.

  10. Jon,
    Absolutely beautiful fall pictures! What a difference from your home in Texas. You made the right choice in your move. Bill would love to live where you live. Me too but I need more of the conveniences of civilization around me. I am so shallow that way. It's good to see your pal Scratch out too. Someday I'll have a feline friend or two and enjoy what you're enjoying now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  11. Loverly pictures! Sorry you fell on your derriere, but on the bright side, at least you didn't land in a big ol' mud puddle.


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