Saturday, January 14, 2017


Don't be alarmed, it's only a courtesy precaution because I'm in a foul mood. My moods change quickly and occasionally assume dangerous proportions. I'm presently in my Heathcliff Mode: brooding, dismal, dire.

I have numerous health issues, haven't been getting any sleep, and am generally disgusted with everything. The weather is as gray and somber as my soul, but has mercifully warmed up. All traces of ice and snow are gone. Yesterday I was actually able to open a window and get some fresh air. A rarity in the midst of January.

I got through yesterday - Friday the 13th - without any more bad luck than usual. I had planned on driving into town, but it was foul and rainy. I decided to wait until Monday - even though I'm almost out of everything, including cat food. The cats and 'possums are getting rationed portions this weekend. So am I.

While vaguely on the subject of food, does anyone remember the photo of the foot-long potato that I posted awhile ago? Well, here's my latest potato find:

 It's huge and looks like a catcher's mitt. I'm going to boil it today and have it with meat and gravy (no 'possum meat - - at least not yet).

Speaking of 'possums - - something is nesting under my house. I hear the scurrying activity late at night. If it isn't 'possums, it might be a band of gypsies. I'm too sick and tired to crawl around under there - I just don't give a damn.

I did a thorough check of the outside of the house a few days ago and didn't see any place when animals could get in - - BUT, my cat Scruffy still somehow manages to get under the back porch - even though I sealed it up. I'll have to find out how she does it.

I used to have an annoying problem with mice, but I haven't seen any mice at all since the 'possums moved in.

My cat Scratch can always sense when I'm in a rotten mood - and she inevitably rolls on the floor, trying to be cute and get my attention. Her ploy inevitably works. I always wind up smiling. These were her antics last night:

 I always appreciate your comments on my blog - and I always have the good intentions of replying to them, but often I'm just too lazy. 
Here are some of my observations of comments on my previous post Potpourri:

Mrs. Martyr thought that the design on my Mom's seal dress looks more like a walrus than a seal, and I think she's right.

Carlnepa wondered if my kitties will decide to check the laws of gravity and knock my expensive antiques off the shelves.
Solely because of Bosco and Scruffy, I have to keep my house rigidly cat-proof. All of my priceless breakables are either in cabinets or on extremely high shelves that the brats (cats) can't reach.

Mistress Maddie aptly observed that the men on my mother's side of the family are handsome. It's true, and I've always been envious. And this fact has admittedly inspired me to have a few incestuous fantasies. 

Don't panic. I'm jesting. Maybe.


  1. Oh that why you haven't been replying!?!?!?! Meanwhile in your opening picture, I love all the shades of gray and hues of purples...very cool. It warm here too, high 50's...60s yesterday. It is quite a treat to open the windows.

  2. Stay away
    I'm not myself
    No one can help me now

    I've lost my way
    Don't follow me

    'Falling Out Of Love'
    by Sean Lennon

  3. I was fully expecting fouler--LOL! Hang in there. I hope your trip on Monday goes well. Cats do know how to charm when they want to, don't they? My Karma isn't going to be in the charming mood for a while, though. Her own fault. Ear smacking injury. Scary!

  4. Jon, although in a "rotten mood" you manage to transmit an image of Heathcliff eating a boiled catcher's mitt. Now that's a descriptive detail Charlotte Bronte overlooked --and she didn't miss many, even when her heights were wuthering.

  5. Awww Jon that wasn't too bad. I'm not in such a good mood myself.

  6. That catcher's mitt is one interesting potato. YUM! YUM!

  7. I suspect your feelings are shared more so than you'd imagine. Even the holidays (sometimes) forced gaiety is likely to leave a mark.
    Isn't it crazy and wonderful. how our fur babies can sense their human's moods. Props to sweet Scratch!

  8. Don't forget that the bank will be closed Monday for MLK day.


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