Sunday, April 22, 2018


If my blog readership gets any lower I'll have to resort to posting naked photos of murderers to get attention.

I'm, of course, sarcastically referring to my previous post, which got the lowest number of "hits" ever.
I usually don't post bare-ass photos on my blog, but I figured that my readers are tough, unshockable, and resilient. And I assume most of them have seen a bare butt before. 
Of course, I could be mistaken.... 

 Who is this??
In a pathetic attempt to win back your affection, I've "lifted" some questions from Myra's blog - because I (sometimes) enjoy Q&As.

1.What are three things on your spring bucket list?

First, I'm going out into the forest and chop down enough fire wood to keep me warm during the next 8-month Tennessee winter (I just said that because this has been the coldest April I can ever remember, and I'm in a foul mood). 

Next time I'm in town I'll have to buy my annual supply of weed killer and bug spray - in 20 gallon containers (it's not easy living in the wilderness).

Spring house cleaning. I need to scrub the place from top to bottom and TRY to eliminate all the junk. I've been hopelessly disorganized ever since I moved here (which was three years ago). This place is three times as small as my Texas house was.

2. Where do you find rest?

Rest??? hahahahahahaha.
I'll hopefully find it in the graveyard. If I don't have noisy neighbors.....

3. What restores your soul?

What soul??
Actually, the things that I've loved the most all through my life always manage to restore my soul: music, writing, and reading. And art.
Opera most especially restores my soul.

4. When was the last time you did whatever you answered here?

WHAT??? Not sure if I get this one, but I'll give it a shot.
A few nights ago I listened to the Immolation Scene from Wagner's Gotterdammerung, a performance with Gwyneth Jones. 

It nurtured my depleted soul.

5. April is National Celery Month. Do you like celery?

Let me put it this way:
I like celery about as much as I like lying losers who go on endless book tours to promote their ghost-written books in a pathetic attempt to get public sympathy and financial support.

Forgive me. I just couldn't resist. 

6. What's your favorite dish made with celery?

Celery isn't bad if  you put it in homemade soup. My mother occasionally stuffed celery sticks with cream cheese. That's not bad, either.

7. On a veggie and dip platter, which would you reach for first - carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumbers, or cherry tomatoes?

What's with this eternal obsession with veggies? I would probably rudely reach over to the next table and steal the meat platter.  

8. Eight things to do before 8:00 a.m. to make your day less hectic?
(the original question was much longer, but I edited it for mercy's sake)

To make my day less hectic, I'd only have to do one thing: stay in bed until dusk.

9. Describe the view from your window.

Iron bars. And a courtyard surrounded with barbed wire.

Just jesting!  
My bedroom window (in the front of the house) has a lovely view of the nearby mountain (but the view vanishes after all the winter trees get their summer leaves).

My kitchen window (in the back of the house) has an intriguing view of the forest.  

10. Insert your own random thought here.  

Never wear a bright yellow neon-colored sweatshirt outside when you live in the wilderness. I did it yesterday and was perpetually attacked by bees and wasps.  

Never post piano videos on your blog....or videos of obscure movie stars singing.....

Never mention politics.            


  1. I do not waste my time on dull ,self congratulatory blogs from the ignorant ,the social climber or the frankly deluded.
    I read every post you write .I always come back even if I don't agree with what you say .I like your honesty and your sense of humour .so cheer up ,I can always tell when you are down -out comes your arse .So put it away and come round for dinner .xx

    1. I like your attitude. And I'm ready for dinner.

  2. I'd recognize that wavy blond hair anywhere from above!!!!

    There is no way I could have been the only one to comment on that last post?? I found it rather dark, but very interesting as I'd never heard of him. Post what interests you I say. Some post do bomb, but if only one or two people enjoy it, then mission accomplished.

    CELERY MONTH! mEH. After the weeds are cut and gone, maybe you should get goats to gaze the area. Isn't that all they do?

    1. I think there are many times when people read my posts and simply don't know what to say. Ramon Novarro left them speechless.

      I knew somebody in the Missouri Ozarks who got some goats so they would eat the weeds - - but the goats ate all the good grass and left the weeds alone.

  3. Ah, hahahaha! How I wish I'd thought about stealing my neighbor's meat platter (v. the veggies)! Carnivore, party of 2. :)

    So glad you decided to play, along. Your answers are far more entertaining than most. Here's a link to another weekly, less frivolous meme you might enjoy: I considered playing along, but my brain cells decided to take a respite.

    1. My brain cells died years ago, but that has never stopped me from "playing along"
      I always answer questions without much thought - writing the first thing that pops into my mind. Perhaps that's the best way to do it.

  4. Now you got my attention with the meat tray. Would any true Texan eat celery over meat?

    1. I want the beef and barbecued ribs - - and the Mexican food!

  5. I almost choked to death on a piece of celery. one of the strings tangled around in my throat. so i understand your assessment of it. I also find comfort with what restores your soul- music, writing,reading and art.

    1. I really hate those strings on the celery, but I never knew they could be that dangerous. I have choked on pretzels and hard-boiled eggs (too dry).

  6. As to "Who is this??" I can only say it's a fine photo of a young man who should, in all stages of life, feel privileged and proud to have been so photogenic.

    1. I always HATED my looks, Geo. I went through life thinking I was ugly. I wanted thick, dark hair.
      But then I eventually realized that being a six foot, blue-eyed blonde isn't so bad...

  7. Hi Jon, late as usual, but I've been up at Sun Peaks for days helping with the search for Ryan. No luck. Were you modelling ? That's a wonderful shot and especially how its done up with the different color tones. It's very professional looking.

    Why can't you mention politics ? Good luck with the spring cleaning. Same thing for me now ... inside and outside.

    1. I never modeled (I wasn't the "model" type), but I knew several photographers in Hollywood.....enough said.

      It's really a shame that Ryan has never been found. Very tragic and frightening. I hope that there will be some closure to this mystery soon.

      The last time I got into politics half my readers abandoned me and I got two death threats from disgruntled trolls. I mostly keep my thoughts to myself - - but it isn't easy!

    2. Lost half your readers and got two death threats ... that's seriously nuts ! I'll never understand why people get all worked up about politics or religion.

      Photographers in Hollywood - well, that would make for interesting reading.

      I hope Ryan is found since it's incredibly difficult for his family. His father searches every single day for at least ten to twelve hours. He's gotten a digger and pushed snow around for weeks and weeks. I feel so sorry for this family. It's been so disturbing for the entire Sun Peaks community as well. Take care, Jon.

    3. The more I read about the mystery of Ryan, the more puzzling it seems. I hope it is solved soon. I really feel sorry for his parents.

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    1. Blogs are the very last place you should go to seek knowledge.

  9. I wrote a somewhat off-color remark to your last post but then deleted it because it wasn't funny enough to warrant being read.
    My mother used to peel celery with a potato peeler to get rid of the strings. She also peeled the skin off tomatoes so I guess you could call her an over achiever. (over-apeeler?)
    And with that, I'm outta here.

    1. Don't feel bad - - much of what I post on my blog isn't funny (although I think it is....).

      I always pull the strings off celery by hand. I've never yet considered peeling a tomato.

  10. You sometimes leave me speechless, I read the last post, I don't think I commented. I use celery as an ingredient, I like to cook. Spring bucket list = survive into summer. I am so glad a sleep well most of the time (my hubby has trouble sleeping.) Do we blog for the adoration of our readers, or because we enjoy writing?

    1. I always enjoy writing...but I don't enjoy being hated.

      I also always enjoy reading your blog. I often don't leave comments on your blog, however, because a few of the other people who leave comments dislike me intensely. I always feel uncomfortable in their company. I shouldn't feel that way, but I'll blame it on my insecurities.

  11. I love celery filled with peanut butter.


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