Monday, September 3, 2018


I just got a message that said:
Your new book is live on Amazon.

My first thought was:
I suppose that's better than it being dead on Amazon. 

I was actually surprised that it  appeared so quickly. I hadn't expected it until later this week.

It's my first book-length venture into poetry for children. This may come as a great shock to some - since my often crude and crass style doesn't exactly coincide with children's literature. 

My "soft", childlike side is seldom seen, but it is an undeniable extension of my many selves.

So what's the book about?

One of my favorite subjects: the allure of the night - the magical hours between dusk and dawn, that inspire our dreams....and nightmares.

These are seventeen poems which explore realities and fantasies of the nighttime hours, from owls and bats to vampires and ghosts.

Nothing too scary, however.
After all, it's for innocent minors.

The color-illustrated, 66 page book is available on Amazon at this link:

Between Dusk and Dawn

Unfortunately, an ebook version isn't presently available - - solely because formatting poetry to ebooks is completely beyond human endurance and beyond all comprehension 
(trust me, I know from whence I speak....)

but I'll keep trying.


  1. Fascinating, Jon! I did a quick 'look inside' out on Amazon. I've no relatives or dear friends younger than 20 … yet. But, I wonder if this wouldn't even be appropriate in a nursing facility; a dementia ward.

    1. I never thought about children's books being used in a nursing home facility - but it isn't a bad idea. Heck, I sometimes enjoy reading children's books myself now and then.

      Hopefully I'll eventually figure out how to transform my poetry books into ebooks. I'll get more sales that way.

      Wait 'till I publish my memoirs - - it will blast everyone out of the water!

  2. This book would scare Ian right now but he might like it in another year or so. Put it in my saved list. Best of luck with it, Jon!! :)

    1. Yes, Ian is probably still too young to enjoy this. Perhaps next year.

      I was actually puzzled as to what age group this book is suited for. It probably just depends on the child.

  3. Congratulations Jon! Published book, how cool is that? Is this your first one?

    1. Ron, what I REALLY want to publish is my Hollywood memoirs - but it seems to be taking me forever.

  4. Wow, this is such good news! Much congrats, Jon! Another published book to add to your growing list: I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the book will sell many copies. This could be the answer to your prayers, etc.

    My good friend Roy is thinking about ordering a copy or two of your "adult" book of poetry: He attempted to leave you a comment on your last post, but didn't have much luck. Blogging is not really his thing (apart from reading my own), so it comes as no great surprise that he would feel baffled by how complicated just leaving a comment can be.

    But he likes the comments you have always left on my blog, and considers you a good person: I told him your first book of poems would make an excellent birthday gift for his many gay and straight friends (I'm hoping he keeps me in mind!)

    Anyway, congrats on staying positive and moving forward in life: That's really the best any of us can do...


    1. I wrote this children's book about three years ago and am relieved that it's finally published and out of my way. I seriously doubt if anything will come of it, but I had fun writing it.

      I'm still trying to figure out how to transform poetry books into ebooks, since I'd probably get a lot more sales that way (I personally HATE ebooks, but most people like them). Kindle Direct Publishing has a new way of doing it which is supposed to be easy - I might give it a try.

      What I'd really like to publish are my memoirs - but I still haven't finished writing them. I have a strong feeling that your life would be an interesting read - - you should think about writing a memoir.

      I'm sorry that Roy couldn't leave a comment on my previous post. This could possibly be due to the fact that I recently changed my blog comment settings. I restricted it to only members of Google. I didn't want to do this, but I was getting an enormous amount of "anonymous" spam and weird comments.
      It's a shame that out blogs are always tainted by undesirables....

    2. In the last sentence I meant to say OUR blogs, not OUT blogs.

  5. Woo HOO! Congratulations! I love your other poetry book, so I look forward to reading this one, too, to see how you tamed your angsty talent for the younger set. I was gonna buy it just now, but I'm a wee bit short in the ol' Amazon account, so I need to buy myself a gift card and fatten it up a bit. But I WILL buy it. I promise. :)

    1. Susan, I'm still struggling to figure out how to transfer my poetry books to ebooks. I'm sure it would help get more sales. Presently, I plan to make another attempt with Kindle Direct Publishing and see what happens.
      I'll update my efforts on this blog.

      I had a LOT of fun writing this particular book for children. It awakened the "child" within me (which has never been fully asleep...).

    2. I know several people who've successfully formatted poetry books for the Kindle, and I'm sure you can do it, too. If you struggle with it, it never hurts to ask for help, ya know. Lots of the folks in the IWSG would be happy to lend a hand.

      It's a good thing that your inner child is still there. I hope mine never leaves.

    3. MANY thanks, Susan!!! You're the first (and hopefully not the last). I haven't seen a "real live" copy of it yet, so I'm hoping the contents are okay (it has a lot of illustrations - all from public domain )


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