Sunday, December 31, 2017


 Me in Texas, holding some leftover balloons from a New Year's Eve party.

New Year resolutions are well intended but highly unrealistic. I doubt if many people keep them. I usually break them within a few hours. Or minutes ("I'll never curse again").

This year my objectives are few:
Stay alive
and maintain what's left of my sanity. 
I suppose I could throw in:
more organization
and less procrastination.

And, while I'm at it:

Put the Robert E. Lee statue back on my front lawn.

Wear my "I Love Milo" t shirt to the next Antifa rally.
(you'll have fun Googling that)

Okay, okay - - I'm referring to Milo Yiannopoulos.
I'd better stop now before I suddenly have a resolution list. 

To be brutally honest, this is the first time that I'm dreading the prospect of a new year and seriously wondering if I'll be able to summon the motivation to successfully navigate through it.

It's no secret that I've been deeply depressed for a long time - over some very real issues that are disturbingly pressing. If I ever revealed the problems that I'm presently burdened with, even my detractors would have sympathy.

And I'll readily admit that my problems have quadrupled (at least) since I moved to this friggin place in the wilderness. Rural life ain't for sissies.

But no need to panic. It's not the first time I've been plagued with problems. Life is a bitch that kicks us in the ass when we least expect it - and then kicks us again when we're down. 

The only thing that really frightens me is in recent years I've become very bitter and emotionally bankrupt. I seem to have misplaced my heart and soul.

Enough said. 

On the bright side: 
I've actually been selling things in my online store (many thanks to some bloggers). I think I've sold about thirty items so far  - which is astonishing, since my initial expectations were low.

On the gloomy side:
Scruffy and Bosco have the "sniffles" again. I'm surprised that the cats don't have pneumonia from living in this damp, frigid house.

Scruffy sneezed so enthusiastically the other night that she knocked a brass antique  scale off a shelf and broke it. I couldn't believe it! Her powerful sneezes caused her to lurch forward and the scale went into orbit!

The scale belonged to my parents and I remember it when I was a kid in California. Well - on the bright side, it's one less thing I'll have to dust.

I'll supplement this heartwarming story with some exciting photos:

Busted! Half of the top broke off.

 An old California photo of my Mom having breakfast. The antique scale is on the hutch directly behind her, right above the coffee cup she's holding (this is a faded Polaroid and the colors are rather distorted).

I have no plans for New Year's Eve, except to keep warm. The temperature is supposed to drop to near zero tonight. Fortunately I have plenty of food and supplies for the upcoming frigid week.

I'll undoubtedly write another post late tonight (it's presently about 2:30 a.m. on the last day of the year).

I hope your New Year's Eve will be warm and wonderful!


  1. Boy.... your mother sure didn't care for the color gold did she??? She sure was beautiful though. I will be going out tonight, and it's to be cold cold cold. I will get threw it. After this I can hibernate and become a hermit for a while now. What made you choose Tennessee anyhow??? My cousin lives Chattooga....he plays with the symphony there. My mother was down to visit him and said it was very beautiful and cultural. I get the impression your no where near there? I also have a friend I met through blogging and she lives in Dixon, but she said it's a bit conservative there. Well. I will wish you for a better year and hope things will turn around. But you still have your charm and sense of humor regardless of what you say.

    Happy New Years!

    1. Actually I think there was a little more green in it than gold but it's hard to tell on that old photo. Avocado green!!
      It is really frigid here in the wilds of Tennessee. It's presently 13 degrees (in the afternoon) and tonight it's supposed to drop to ZERO. The kitties will turn into furry popsicles.
      (SPELLCHECK said I spelled "popsicles" wrong, but I don't think so).

      I came to Tennessee mainly because I have some relatives here. I felt too isolated in Texas - and I HATED it there.
      I live in northern TN, about give miles from the Kentucky border - - near Daniel Boone National Forest.

    2. I meant to say FIVE miles - not "give" miles

  2. I've had issues with heaters this year and had repairmen out five or six times. Spendy.

    I think it is harder to be upbeat as we age. The naivety of youth has been shattered. We've been pretty much disillusioned of hopes and dreams and have been forced to accept harsh reality. Of course there is the alternative of a fool's paradise but that has no appeal for me. Much like members of AA we just have to live one day at a time. As depressing as this may sound, I still like it better than when my emotions were on a constant roller coaster. I suppose I'm a phlegmatic at heart.

    I hope that the upcoming year is kinder for you and that difficulties will be worked out to give you peace of mind.

    1. I hope your heater problems have been resolved. One winter in Texas my heater stopped working and it got down to 5 degrees at night! Their was an ice storm and the repairman couldn't come for a week. If I didn't have the fireplace I would have been a frozen still.

      I always thought things would get easier as I aged, but instead it's all more complicated.... but I agree with you - - I'm glad I'm no longer on the emotional roller coaster or in the dangerous Fast Lane.

      Take care and have a peaceful 2018!

      (Wow! 2018?? It sounds like something out of science fiction).

    2. I meant to say "there", not "their". Why do I keep making mistakes on my comments???

  3. I recall once having a gold armchair just like that in your mother's home!
    I'm so sorry to learn of the kit's head colds, Jon. It's not often we have to employ the heat, but I'm apt to do so more for our fur babies' comfort than my own. (Close your eyes ... I had the a/c on in my car yesterday.)

    Hopefully, your own sense of humor does a bit to cheer you up? I've no words of wisdom, but a promise to listen - with lips sealed - anytime you want to talk.

    PS - I forgot to mention, both my son and BFF love their gifts courtesy of your Zazzle shop. At the last minute I considered keeping the (Time is Precious) gift box for myself!

    1. That chair brings back a hilarious memory. Once, my Mom was sitting in it and leaned back too far and the entire chair toppled over!! Fortunately only she and I were in the room. Both of us couldn't stop laughing.

      My sense of humor is about the only thing that keeps me going. And also good people like yourself who genuinely care.

      It's presently 10 degrees (New Year's Eve) and if I ever thaw out, I might move to Phoenix (*smile*).
      BTW - I'm so glad my Zazzle items are appreciated! Many thanks!

  4. It's -12 up here right now at 3pm. Expected to be -21 tonight. Been really super cold for days and days. Cold air travels along the floor and next to the windows no matter what. I'm glad I moved because it would have been really friggin cold in my old apartment where the blinds moved in the wind because you couldn't lock and bolt the windows. Layers. Lots of layers--yes.

    You haven't lost your heart and soul. I can still see it plainly. ;)

    Happy new year!

    1. Wow, minus 21 is a bit chilly (haha). You'll have to come to Tennessee so you can warm up. It's presently 10 degrees here (and I can't wait until spring!!). This house has thin windows and no insulation. Unfortunately my bedroom is the coldest room in the house.

      Thank you for assuring me that I haven't lost my heart or soul...I truly appreciate that.

  5. Wishing you a wonderful New Year and may your issues iron themselves out if that is possible.

    1. Thank you so much, Paula. I have a lot of hurdles to jump over, but I think I can do it. I hope you and your family have a peaceful and blessed new year.

  6. Replies
    1. Either that or duct tape.....
      I'll use the Krazy Glue to glue the cats to the floor so they can't jump up on shelves.

  7. Sorry to hear the kitty cat broke your antique scale. I hope the coming year pulls you out of the doldrums. Happy New Year.


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