Wednesday, August 4, 2021



 When I first published this post last January, it caused one specific deranged liberal to go completely over the edge. I seriously doubt if he ever actually read the post, but when he saw the Nazi symbol it probably induced delusional panic.

I've decided that it's time for me to re-post this - and I'm dedicating it to all the misguided liberals who are inflicted with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Unfortunately, there's no known vaccine for a cure.

Feel free to re-post this anywhere. My opinions are right on target and I have nothing to hide.

After all, I'm the purveyor of truth.      Jon 

There are basically two types of hatred. The first is what I call Benign Hatred, which could probably more aptly be referred to as "dislike".
You "hate" rap music, or the neighbor's barking dog, or root canals, or broccoli.
We all harbor a multitude of dislikes.

The second type of hatred - and by far the most dangerous - is Blind Hatred. Blind hatred is bred through ignorance and perpetuated by lies and relentless propaganda. It spreads like wildfire in a wind storm and poisons the minds of the gullible people who are willing to absorb it.

Blind hatred has destroyed ethnic identities and nations throughout history. It has also been utilized on smaller but no less potent and destructive scales.

Profound ignorance and unrelenting hatred have burned witches, persecuted Christians, lynched negros, ostracized homosexuals.

The propaganda machine annihilated millions of Jews during World War II. The gentile masses were brainwashed into hating the Jews for no other reason than the fact that they existed.

The adeptly organized propaganda machine of blind hatred still exists in many places, on many levels - with enormous success.

The human mind is an extremely vulnerable instrument - alarmingly easy to be influenced and manipulated, and prone to be lazy.

People often don't think for themselves. They prefer to absorb and regurgitate what they hear because making any effort to do otherwise would be too difficult.

The liberal, far left propaganda machine in the United States has been relentlessly and mercilessly working overtime for the past four years.

Oh, you know exactly what I'm getting at. Your intuition can smell it.

Ask any liberal leftist Democrat why they hate Donald J. Trump and you'll get the same answers:

He's evil, a liar, a crook, a dictator, a monster, a killer, a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a white supremacist, a tax evader, a draft dodger, a Nazi, the most demented and dangerous entity to ever stalk our nation.

Really? Where did you hear these things?

You heard it on the news. All the anchors on CNN said it.
And all your liberal friends confirmed it.

This blind hatred for Donald Trump is so fierce that it has become a pathological affliction (Trump Derangement Syndrome) - -  and it is so prevalent that it has had a more detrimental effect on our nation than any pandemic.

Poisoning the mind with propaganda is astoundingly easy and terrifyingly effective.

It isn't only the liberal leftists who harbor the hate. I've seen this hate in RINO Republicans, in Bible-thumping "Christians", and in neutral non-political (supposedly) individuals.

My question:

How can you have such intense, maniacal hate for someone you don't know, have never met, and who has never negatively affected your life in any way?

You hate Trump simply because he exists, and that is an extremely sick and pathetic reason. 

Your hate isn't substantiated by fact - but rather it is fostered by the putrid lies of propaganda.

Blind hatred is alive and thriving in our country.

I can only hope that someday the haters will dare to wake up and purge themselves from this destructive force.