Sunday, August 19, 2018


I've said it before and I'll say it again: I truly hate self-promotion. It's degrading and humiliating, but it's also sometimes necessary.

I opened my second Zazzle store yesterday, and all Zazzle store owners are compelled (forced) to do their own promotion.

Why a second store?
 My first store Catnip Creations 
is okay, and I plan to keep it, but my new store is far better.

How so?
Well, now I know what I'm doing. Or at least I'm almost reasonably sure of what I'm doing.....
That's progress.

My new Zazzle store is called Diverse Intentions mainly because I've attempted to include a diverse collection of styles: traditional and abstract, inspirational and macabre.
A Harvest of the Unique
I've designed nearly 1500 items and I'm only half done.

Among the categories are some unusual ones - including Zodiac and Memento Mori.

A few random samples:

t shirts, mugs, pillows, jewelry

The Persistence of Time
unusual wall clocks and watches

Memento Mori
Only for the morbid

You can find a guardian angel here
(Heaven knows I need one)

an interesting array of apparel, accessories, posters, coffee mugs, porcelain plates, teapots, pillows, jewelry, keepsake boxes, blankets....
and, of course, mouse pads

 I know this is getting too long and pretentious, but I'm on a roll.

 Unique posters

   Porcelain plate

I'll eventually put the link on my blog sidebar.
Diverse Intentions 


  1. … and just in time for Christmas ideas! I'm going to enjoy browsing!

    1. I'll have to include some Christmas items. Right now I'm planning to do an autumn/Halloween collection (I hope I find time for it).

  2. Congratulations! That's a lot of work. Now we know why you've been so busy! :)

    1. It really takes a lot longer than anyone would imagine. I worked on designing the products for months. And I'm not nearly finished.

  3. love the name. will enjoy looking through your listings.

    1. It took me a long time to come up with that name (over a month). All the names I wanted to use were already taken.