Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Every now and then I ingest a few beers (5,6, maybe 7) and spew my real opinions, instead of writing fluff about the cats and the forest.

This post will undoubtedly generate rage and animosity - although that's not my intention.
Not much, anyway.

I'm merely a lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

Just think of me
as an innocent messenger
offering apt observations. 

Last week President Trump and First Lady Melania had a highly successful visit to the UK and Normandy.
Queen Elizabeth genuinely liked the First Couple and spent more time with them than was originally scheduled.

Trump's dynamic speech at Normandy, commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day, was uplifting and heartfelt.

And just for the record -
Trump wasn't "late" for the D-Day speech. He was waiting for French President Macron, who was half an hour late.

Don't swallow the fictitious bullshit that CNN feeds you. 

back in the states.....

Hillary Clinton gave a dismal and depressing commencement address at Hunter College - during which she bitched about losing the 2016 election and trashed our duly-elected President.

 Then Hillary went to Wellesley College, where she bitched about losing the 2016 election and trashed our duly-elected President.

In a stark (and refreshing) contrast:

President Trump's commencement speech at the Air Force Academy in Colorado was extremely inspiring - -
and afterwards
Trump personally congratulated and shook hands with ALL of the nearly 1,000 cadets!!

In my humble opinion, that is class.

Do you remember President Obama's 2011 visit to the UK?

Let me refresh your memory.

 Barack Hussein and Michelle looked like a high school couple attending a Friday afternoon sock hop.

Let's contrast the Trump and Obama UK visits:

Trump's gift to Queen Elizabeth was a beautiful red rose Tiffany brooch. 

Obama's gift to Queen Elizabeth was an ipod, containing his (Obama's) speeches.

Trump signed the guest book with the correct date and year.

Obama signed the guest book "2008", when in fact the year was 2011.

Heck, anyone can make a mistake. Even the smartest black man in the world.

At the State Dinner, Trump gave the Queen a charming toast AFTER "God Save the Queen" was played.

Obama stunned and embarrassed everyone at the dinner by giving a rambling toast while "God Save the Queen" was being played - - dismissing all protocol.

Don't you dare tell me that President Trump is an idiot.

Gone with the wind???

 No, this picture is NOT photoshopped. It's Michelle caught in the wind during her UK visit.

 Sure, anybody can be a victim of the wind.
can you imagine what a field day the press would have if this were Melania Trump???

Thank goodness that Melania conducted herself with charm, grace, dignity, and class during the UK visit.
I adore her.
So sue me.

Am I finally Done?
Well, let's say I'm finished for now. But this personal purge felt good and I plan to do it more often.

Despite ingesting the beer, I used restraint while writing this. You're lucky I didn't say what I really think.

I was initially going to disable comments for this post, because I'm thoroughly disgusted with all the liberal shit and endless Trump bashing.

But I've decided to graciously (and courageously) allow comments.

"You're entitled to your opinion, Jon"
will be the icy but polite response.

It's not exactly my opinion.
It's fact.



  1. I am with you, Jon. When Obama and Michelle met the Queen, they were casual, as if being at a mall. As they walk with the Queen, Obama put his hand on the Queen's back. the lack of respect was appalling.

    Good for you calling this out, beers or not.

    1. Since most of my readers are opposed to my political views, it took some beer for me to summon the courage to do this. But I have no regrets. Thanks for your input.

  2. Well said. I really like Trump and that he fights for our country, He loves our country. I will quit now...:-)

    1. He truly does love our country and he speaks from his heart (which seldom happens in Washington).

  3. The was probably his best visit yet since in office.....but my disdain for him will never leave me. I couldn't take him way before he was president. I like Melania but have no idea how she does it. I wouldnt want him anywhere near me. And his tux was a disaster.

    And Hillary is still alive?

    And I'm proud you are posting what you want to say. Fuck the critics handsome!!!!

    1. Maddie, I nominate you to be the president of my fan club. So far there aren't any members....... (love ya!)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The beer is Truth Serum and inspires me to write better than ever. There's no need to "finish" it - - since it's complete.

    2. Is the moon full? It's been raining so hard here that I can't tell.

  5. Sock hop, indeed! :)
    I so love this ... brava.

    1. You're one of the very few....and you have my appreciation.
      I thought the sock hop comparison was extremely apt. I call the shots as I see them.

  6. Dear Jon, I am left to conclude Mrs. Obama was not advised to wear a hat for that photoshoot on the steps. Updrafts are expected there. Although she might have felt some embarrassment, I've always felt a beautiful woman with wind in her hair is a humanizing and,uh...uplifting sight.

    1. I admire her for smiling and rolling with the punches (the wind certainly wasn't her fault) - yet, the photo would be adorable if it was your Aunt Miranda. A First Lady representing our country on a state visit, however, should had dressed in a more dignified manner.

  7. I look at all the ''now hireing'' signs in my formerly economically depressed area of west virginia.
    I have had to take a lot of low paying jobs, just to make ends meet, before I retired.
    I have never saw as many job openings during previous admistrations as there are now.
    in my opinion, President Trump is the best thing in my 65 yr lifetime to happen for my country.

    1. That's really encouraging yo hear, Ron. The unemployment rate is much lower since Trump got in and hopefully it will stay that way.

  8. Sometimes I think you go political just to see what happens. You know, it’s like you set out the bait and watch what transpires.

    1. I think you're on target, but I risk my life and reputation by doing it - since 99 per cent of my readers are liberals. Well, maybe 95 per cent.....

  9. You can never rely on newsmen getting things right! However, I enjoyed seeing how well our monarch got on with her latest visitors. By the way, this reader is true conservative!

    1. The American news media is intensely biased with an extreme hatred for President Trump - which unfortunately influences the ignorant public.
      Thanks for your input, Valerie.

  10. Hi Jon!

    I found your blog via Valerie at A Mixed Bag. I really enjoyed reading this post because I voted for Trump; happy that he won; will vote for him again in 2020. I agree, I too am over our media and how they are spoon-feeding the American people trash. Like you, I'm gay, and most people just assume that because someone is gay, they voted for Hilary. NOT! I would to LOVE to see a female president in office one day. However, Hilary was not the one. Also, I'm so happy Obama is no longer in the White House.

    I'm not registered either Democrat or Republican. I'm Independent. I don't vote for a party, I vote for the issues. And I'm neither conservative or liberal. Because I feel conservative about some things, and liberal about others. I'm not completely one or the other.

    I go to New York City a lot, and it still astounds me that whenever I walk past Trump Tower on 5th Avenue, there are still tons of people standing outside screaming and yelling how much they hate him. They literally have armed guards standing by the front entrance doors, just in case someone outside tries to do something drastic. And this has been going on since he was elected in 2016.

    Anyway, bravo to you for posting this. I applaud you.

    And I loved this...

    "It's not exactly my opinion.
    It's fact."


    P.S. I adore Melanie as well!

    1. Hey, Ron - it's a refreshing PLEASURE to hear from someone who thinks like I do. I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but I've always leaned towards conservative thinking. And I am INFURIATED by the blind hate that has infested the Left.
      During the 2016 presidential campaign, when I denounced Hillary, I lost over 60 per cent of my blog readers, received lots of hate mail, and even one death threat.

      I'm often hesitant to write about politics, but every now and then I do it to let my pent-up feelings be known. I know, however, that my views mostly fall on deaf ears....
      Thanks for your input!

  11. I'm stopping over from Ron's blog, just to see what 'You're Gonna Hate This' was all about! I'm an Independent voter (and thinker!) as well who is soooo sick of being force fed all the hate. I was shocked on another blog this week, where a commenter posted religious links regarding homosexuality and you should have seen the fangs that came out from everyone who followed, basically treating her like she was a murderer. I just pictured a 70 YO woman who truly thought she was helping. Another commenter then doxed the woman and when I commented that it wasn't cool, you should have heard the excuses ('My nephew is gay . . .'). Like we don't ALL know someone who is gay????

    Sorry to bend your ear. My main problem with Trump is that I just don't like pompous people and he needs to stay off Twitter. Not sure why Melania doesn't do something about that!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by - I appreciate your input! I am outraged by all the hate that is so prevalent nowadays. There are no longer differences of opinions - - people have become vicious and psychotic. I think the anonymity of the Internet has encouraged them and increased the hate.

      I think that Trump enjoys tweeting because it's his way of infuriating the liberals. Much of what he says is tongue-in-cheek and designed to deliberately irritate.


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