Saturday, December 10, 2016


I recently wrote a rant that was so venomous it would have killed everyone instantly. I've decided to dilute it slightly so it will only make you extremely sick.

I'd like to congratulate you beforehand, in case you survive. 

After ingesting a few beers, I'm going to finally say all the things that I've been suppressing for the past year (at least). It's a personal purge, with no holes barred.
And no, I'm not an alcoholic. Alcoholism seems to be illegal in Tennessee. We're too damn self-righteous.

First off, I had initially planned on discontinuing my blog at the end of this year. I've said all I can think of and am finally starting to bore myself. My creative ways of describing the woods, my cats, and visiting 'possums have been completely exhausted. 
Then, suddenly, I decided to continue blogging (at least for awhile) simply to annoy the people who loathe me.

Jon, how could anybody dislike you? It's a complete impossibility.

As much as I DESPISE Comment Moderation, I'm going to use it for awhile so I can quickly expunge all the thorns in my side that have been rudely infiltrating my existence.

I've learned lately who my true blogging friends really are and I value them immensely. They might disagree with my views, or dislike some of the things I write, but they are rational enough to know that a few differences never spoiled a friendship. If we were all exactly the same, it would be one helluva boring world.

I'm tolerant. But my toleration has limits.

Some people don't understand that when they visit my blog, they are guests in MY territory. They are subject to MY views and opinions. They might not agree, but they have absolutely no right to tell me what to do.

If you don't like what you read, start your own blog.
Or go to Baking Betty's Blog and learn how to make a fruit cake.

I only made the Baking Betty Blog up.

I'm tired of hearing:
Jon, don't mention politics. Don't write about your past. Don't write about opera. Don't talk about Hollywood. Or gays. Or love affairs.
Jon, you talk about yourself too much.
( I swear to Gawd, somebody really told me that).

Jon, you're too negative.
Heck, if you don't like it, go to the Disney Channel.
And keep your distance. I bite.

Jon, you're always trashing people. Get over it already.
But it's just fine if they trash me. You haven't seen some of the comments I've deleted.

When the shit flies in my direction, I throw it right back. If you turn the other cheek, you'll soon be covered in shit. I learned at an early age that being nice will get you nowhere.

That Bozo who lives in the desert (some of you know who I'm talking about) actually WARNED me about things he didn't want to hear. He said:
"I don't want to hear about poetry, or personal problems, or complaints, or sissy stuff."

Hey, Bucko - poetry, problems, complaints, and sissy stuff are the essence of my entire existence. Deal with it.

How about that sweet old lady who got angry with me over politics and told me that I need to undergo sensitivity training therapy? (I kid you not).

 Granny - how would you like a heaping helping of sensitivity therapy shoved up your flabby * * * ??

The recent presidential election parted the Red Sea and separated the sheep from the goats. 
People left my blog in droves when I posted my anti-Hillary rants.

People who I thought were my friends suddenly dropped me like a used condom.

Here's a flash that I've been wanting to say for a helluva long time:
(if you're a poor loser, you might want to cover your ears)

I've heard the "I Hate Trump" mantra for the past year and I'm sick of it.

Trump won!!!
You LOST!! Get the hell over it.
All of those pathetic attempts at recounting the votes have yielded absolutely nothing - except the fact that your desperate efforts are laughable.

Hillary, Obama, and Fidel Castro are history!!!!!! 
And so is Harry Reid.

Now, do you feel better, Jon?

Hell, I feel better than Lenin did after the Tsar was shot.

Here's another thing that irks me:
Those lurkers in the shadows. People who lurk around your blog anonymously and NEVER leave a comment - until they have a complaint.
Why only voice a negative opinion? It's your privilege to do so - but it makes you look ...sorta small.

But what REALLY pisses me off - above all else - are those people who absolutely hate you and your blog but follow it faithfully and leave caustic comments simply to annoy you.

There's a certain person who has been doing this to me for over a year - - and finally I've HAD IT with the continuous insults and condescending comments.

It's people like this who have forced me to revert to Comment Moderation - at least for awhile.

You might think I'm over-reacting, but life is too short to put up with unneccessary crap.

Bucko, your behavior is incredibly immature for someone of your advanced age. It's time for you to find another person to latch onto and insult. I wish I could say it's been nice knowing you.....

Well, that's the extent of my rant. Take it or leave it.

I now plan to leave my hostilities behind me (for awhile, anyway) and write about some holiday-oriented stuff.

If you choose to stay with me -
you have incredibly good taste.


  1. "Used condom" LMAO!
    Comment moderation should not be allowed. It keeps people from commenting. And stop following. But I want to see the finish of the story in your 'Robinson Crusoe' like life.
    I'm sorry you took the post down from Marie, as I was gathering my thoughts with a reply.

  2. I don't like comment moderation, either. I only plan to use it for a brief time and then I'll revert to regular comments again (if I still have any readers left...).

    The Marie post is still on my blog, but I THINK I disabled comments for it (I'll have to check because I honestly can't remember).

  3. I must have "incredibly good taste" because I am staying with your blog. Baking Betty's Blog just doesn't compare favorably.

    1. I always knew you had good taste, Geo.
      I'll post one of my own fruit cake recipes one of these days.

  4. Hi Jon - I'm glad you've decided to continue blogging despite the snide remarks you've unfortunately been receiving. Delete, and consider the source .... that pretty much sums up a persons character.

    I've got good taste, so I'm sticking around ;)

    1. I had no doubt that I could count on you - - and your taste is impeccable.

  5. I must have really good taste 'cause I've known you a long time. In spite of the fact that I love Texas and you hate it. I must admit the first few times I read a rant from you about Texas I just said to myself poor man has never been to the beautiful hill country or the piney woods. Your blog, your opinion, your business, so I'll read as long as I can.

    1. Glad to know you will be staying!
      A lot of bad things happened to me in Texas, which is why I'm bitter - - but I can't blame that on the state. Texas is a fascinating place and...truthfully, there are things that I miss about it.

  6. Aw, you can't scare me away! :)))
    ... Except, there I times I fear I'll suffocate from trying to stifle my laughter when reading LWC when I shouldn't be. (Does that make sense?)

    Please, keep on keeping on! We need more candor and less pussy-footing around the special snowflakes.


    1. Candor is my business - and I seldom pussyfoot around. You're one of the chosen few who can fully appreciate my humor.
      I often laugh when I re-read my posts - - and I am glad I'm not laughing alone.

  7. I don't always leave a comment because a lot of times my thought/opinion has already been voiced by others. Is there a way to block certain individuals from leaving comments? Then you wouldn't have to deal with their negativity. I'm glad you are going to continue to blog. I would miss your stories.

    1. Unfortunately, there's no way to block certain individuals, unless I go Private". That's why I enjoy trashing the hell out of my antagonists.

      You've been with me for so long that I always assume you're there - even when you don't comment.

    2. Yesterday I read the observation that hoping Trump will fail is synonymous with wishing the pilot of the plane you are on will crash.

  8. Try one more time. Hope it works. Love your blog

    1. I think I know who you are. Love you, too.

  9. People are just too thin skinned or sensitive these days. They think the world revolves around them, NEWS FLASH, it doesn't. If you don't like something, don't read it..

    1. I'm admittedly a sensitive person, but I never (or very seldom) get offended by the opinion of others. Unfortunately it's a super-sensitive world.

  10. Yeah it posted this anonymous is none other than your cuz Nancy! guess i finally fixed what ever it was that wouldn't let me post. I look every day to see if you have a new story! Loved the pictures of my mom with your mom.

    1. Finally!!! After endlessly trying, you are finally able to comment! Congratulations!! I'm glad you liked the post with our mothers. I love those photos.

  11. Jon,
    You know I enjoy your blog immensely. I'm not offended when you go off on one of your anti Obama or Hillary rants. That's your opinion and to me, what makes your blog post so interesting . We may differ in some opinions join but one thing you're not is boring. As for the comment moderation, I've had mine on for years because of the stupid spam. I think I'all take it off for awhile and see what happens. I occasionally get a troll but not so much anymore. Anyway, keep blogging, rants and all.
    Your friend

    1. Ron, as you well know - my bark is far worse than my bite. You said, in a recent comment, that my blog is fun to read. Nobody has ever told me that before and I consider it to be a Big compliment.

      On my usual blog settings, I allow comment moderation after three days - - and that is solely because of spam. The spammers often show up on older posts.

  12. It was nice to check back in and note you haven't changed. Why I love your blog. you say what you think. period. i may not be here to comment everytime. but my spirit lives on. and it is nice to know yours does too.

    1. We are kindred spirits and it's always great to know you are there! Thanks!

  13. Well, I enjoy your blog and since we are on the same page politically there is no reason for me to be offended!
    As to people coming and bashing, I see that the same as coming to someone's home and criticizing their taste in decor. If you are so easily disturbed just stay home!

    1. Thanks for the visit - and I truly appreciate your comment. There aren't too many bloggers on my side politically!
      (I think we tend to stay in the shadows)