Monday, March 19, 2018


Don't read too much into the title. It's simply how I feel most of the time.

Last Saturday, St, Patrick's Day, was so warm and beautiful that my heart (or what's left of it) soared. Temperature in the 70s (Fahrenheit). Purple and pink blossoms starting to appear on trees. I had no doubt that spring had finally arrived.

Then the temperature dropped. Somber clouds and sinister fog obliterated thoughts of spring. The final blow came this morning, when I heard that snow is predicted by mid-week.
I kissed spring goodbye.

Same thing happened last year. There was a flurry of early spring blossoms and sudden frosts killed them all. 

I'm presently going through an extremely bad crises in my life. There are times when I'm hardly able to cope. There are other times when I no longer want to cope. 

Enough said. I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm just establishing a fact.
This, too, shall pass.

I initially planned to share some poetry in this post. Then I remembered my previous musical post and said "Hell, I'd better not. I don't want to lose the two readers that I have left."

I'm being bitterly sarcastic, simply because I'm in a foul mood.

How about some boring photos?

Blossoms are appearing everywhere, but they'll vanish in another day or two when the snow arrives.

Everything was green and lovely on St. Patrick's Day.

Nearby hills.

I let my eldest cat Scratch wander around outside today.

 Gloomy clouds today and a chilly wind.
Thunderstorms predicted for tonight.

Can a blog post get more boring than this??? 



  1. Well, it's been cold here, but sunny. We are also suppose to get some kind of snow, rain, sleet Tuesday and Wednesday. That should be fun to drive in. I was going to get some Easter things out, but doesn't feel like spring to me. Hang in there....just how much winter can be left?????

  2. Hi Jon: I wander through to see how you are getting on. I don’t have anything interesting to add so rarely comment, but felt compelled to today. Is it health, affairs of the heart (what is left of it...!) or money-concerns? We have all had to manage those at different times of our lives,and hopefully survive somewhat battered, bruised but intact. Where can you go to resolve this? Hope this isn’t being too blunt but it does sounds like a call for help. Regards, MaggieB

  3. No matter how down you feel you haven't let your feline family down. Scratch doesn't seem to have missed a meal.

  4. It's not boring. :) Often the early buds and blooms survive a little snow. You know the snow won't be around long when you just had it in the 70s. Scratch is such a pretty cat. I hope life eases up on you soon. *hugs*

  5. John, I’m concerned about you too! I don’t know your needs. There is Tencare in Tennessee which you can appply for. I’ve been worried about you but never say anything . Thank you for sharing photos of Tennessee hills! I miss my Tennessee home so much. Gabs

  6. I found your post beautiful and open. I enjoy honesty about people's lives, and find it therapeutic to express my own feelings/issues/joys.Your photos are beautiful! I hope that life will improve for you.

  7. I thought, actually, that this was a lovely post. I have been away from Blogland for a while and was glad to see this as one of the first I looked at on my return to the computer. That pink/purple blossom is gorgeous. I am sorry, though, that you are having such a tough time, and I hope matters look up for you soon.

  8. Your blog posts are NEVER boring, cowboy.


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